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This page has been transcluded from Template:Command Header/Documentation.

This template is used for building fighting games move lists. The template creates the header row for a fighting moves table.

Mandatory Parameters

The first two parameters are used for accessing the fighter portrait image. When uploading images, make sure to name the images <Game Abbreviation> <Fighter name>.png. Note that the image must be a PNG file.

  1. Abbreviation of the name of the game (i.e. Street Fighter IV → SFIV)
  2. Name of the character
  3. A link to the actual page where this template resides. When transcluded, this link will let you go to the page where you can modify the moves. The link is used without brackets, i.e. "Street Fighter IV/Ryu" not "[[Street Fight IV/Ryu]]".
Optional Parameter
  • marks: A named parameter which toggles the Marks column on and off. To enable the Marks column, use marks=1 in the template, otherwise don't include the parameter.


{{Command Header|SFIV|Ryu|Street Fighter IV/Ryu|marks=1}}

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