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Default usage

{{Continue Nav}}

The Continue Nav template's default links are to the Getting Started and Walkthrough pages. If no Getting Started page is found, it uses the Controls page instead. If neither are found, Getting Started is shown as a red link.

Parameter usage

{{Continue Nav
|custom=[[custom links]]

Additional parameters can be used to override the destination pages, their names or both. Syntax is similar to the {{Footer Nav}} where:

  • nextpage is the subpage name,
  • nextname is the link name that is displayed, and
  • nextpage2 and nextname2 are for the second forward link.

There is also a custom section, where custom allows for more than two links to parts of the guide. The image parameter allows the passing of an image filename (at the correct size) to display to the left of the links in the Continue Nav. If there is no Table of Contents for the guide (usually for guides using the onepage=1 field in the {{Header Nav}}) Continue Nav should not be used.

It is also possible to force the links to go outside the guide, by using the external parameter. Putting a "1" in this field makes the links use the nextpage/nextpage2 and nextname/nextname2 parameters, and a full destination path is required in the nextpage/nextpage2 fields.


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