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This template should be put at the top of a page, not the bottom or in any section. It will add the page to Category:Requests for deletion. You should only add this template if you have a valid reason for wanting the page deleted (i.e. not just because you don't like it):

  • No content, and no edits for a reasonable period of time (more than a couple of weeks)
  • Copyright-infringing content (marked with copyvio, and no edits for a reasonable period of time
  • Irrelevant content (e.g. spam or advertisements)
  • Pointless redirect page (i.e. one which encourages people to link to the wrong thing, and which will never be used)


{{delete|A valid reason.}}

Delete icon.png

This article has been marked for deletion! Please refer to its talk page for discussion on the nomination.

Reason: A valid reason.