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This template is used for building move lists for Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy. The template creates a move row for the moves table.

  • japanese: The Japanese name of the move.
  • name: The English name of the move.
  • type: The type of move: Ground or Aerial?
  • cp: The amount of CP needed for it.
  • ap: The amount of AP needed to master it.
  • obtained: When the move is obtained. Use only if it's not a chained move.
  • chained from: If it's a chained move, such as a Brave to HP Attack, list what move it's chained from. This parameter replaces "obtained".
  • notes: A description of the move.


For a normal move:

{{Dissidia Moves Header}}
{{Dissidia Move
|name=Day Flash
|notes=Combo of slashes and stabs
Move Type CP AP for Mastery Obtained Description
"Day Flash"
Ground 30 90 Initial Combo of slashes and stabs

For a chained move:

{{Dissidia Moves Header|Chain}}
{{Dissidia Move
|name=Rune Saber (ground)
|chained from=Rise Up
|notes=Summon magic sword around you that hits foe
Move Type CP AP for Mastery Chained from Description
"Rune Saber (ground)"
Ground 40 300 Rise Up Summon magic sword around you that hits foe

See also[edit]

{{Dissidia Moves Header}}