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Template used to display diary entries in The Dog Island.


  • Required parameters
    • title: The title of the Diary entry as shown in the game.
    • area: The type of area, either "safe" or "wild" (default is "safe")
    • loc: Location of the town or area (not individual houses) where you receive the mission.
    • source: Name of the person giving you the mission.
    • reward: What you get for completing the mission. (N/A for nothing)
    • mission: The description or walkthrough of the mission.
  • Optional parameters
    • note: Adds a sidebar, 200px, floated right.
    • notename: By default the sidebar will be captioned with "Note". You can change it with this parameter.
    • optional: Put "1" in this field to change the background color to orange denoting an optional mission.


{{dogisland diary
|title=Find the Blue Rose
|note=The orange snake tries to chase you down the tunnel!
|reward=3 Woofs
|mission=Alice is afraid her little princely-paws (Peter) is going to get in trouble for breaking his dad's Blue Rose bush.
         She needs you to go and find another one before Noble finds out.

         The Blue Rose is in the Chiro Caves, and Alice will give you a key to get into the second section (B2) where you need
         to go. As soon as you go through the doors that her key opens, take the first right, which wraps back around, and go
         through the cave entrance at the end. The Blue Rose is buried in the room right where you first step into the water.
         Bring it back to Alice to save the day.