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Hero infobox for Dota 2. It floats right and has a bunch of parameters:

  • image: the full filename of the image.
  • name: hero's name.
  • strength/agility/intelligence: the hero's attribute and gains.
  • damage: the hero's base damage
  • speed: the hero's base move speed
  • armor: the hero's base armor.
  • gains: per-level stat gains.
  • hp/mana/damage/armor: Used for the staticstics box. Used for presenting the hero's stats at level milestones. Write down 1, 16 or 25 for the value at that specific level.
  • vision: the hero's day/night vision.
  • range: the hero's attack range.
  • missile: a ranged hero's projectile speed. Type N/A if it's a melee hero.