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This template is used for Final Fantasy V treasure tables to give treasure locations in the walkthrough. Use this at the top of a table to include standard column headers and formatting. Do not use for rare/key items.

  • Column 1 is the item found, for example "Tonic", "100GP", "Esna (spell)".
  • Column 2 what the item is found in, usually "Chest", "Barrel", "Urn", "Box". Use "n/a" in rare cases where no container exists.
  • Column 3 is the location and/or directions for finding the item.

Sample usage:

{| {{FFV/TreasureTable|area=Tule}}
| 150GP || Barrel || Alley right of inn.
| Tonic	|| Barrel || Near bridge next to magic shop
| Tent	|| Box || Near bridge next to magic shop
| Phoenix Down || Bush || North of Zok's house
| LeatherShoes	|| Box || Next to mill, northeast of Zok's house