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{{{toon}}} {{{get}}}


This template is intended to be nested into the desc (description) field of the Ffiv-magic template. When using this template in multiples be sure to open a table before the first use of the template and close the table after the last use.


By itself it just looks like this:

    {{Ffiv-magic-toon|toon=Rydia|get=Mt. Hobs}}

When properly nested in the Ffiv-magic template it looks like this:

{{Ffiv-magic |name=Fire1 |image=FF2_Fire1.JPG |cost=5 |target=One or All |desc=Weak Fire attack. {{Ffiv-magic-toon|toon=Rydia|get=Mt. Hobs}} {{Ffiv-magic-toon|toon=Palom|get=When joining party}} }}

And it should look like this:

MP Cost Target File:FF2 Fire1.JPG
5 One or All
Weak Fire attack.
Rydia Mt. Hobs
Palom When joining party