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EXP GP Attacks
{{{EXP}}} {{{GP}}} {{{Attacks}}}

This page has been transcluded from Template:Final Fantasy Adventure Boss/Documentation.

A template for the bosses of Final Fantasy Adventure.


  • Name: The name of the boss
  • Image: What the boss looks like in-game
  • Text: A brief description of the boss and how to defeat it
  • EXP: EXP gained after defeating the boss
  • GP: GP gained after defeating the boss
  • Attacks : The attacks the boss tries to use against the player
{{Final Fantasy Adventure Boss|name=|image=|text=|EXP=|GP=|Attacks=}}


FF Adventure Jackal.png

The first boss of the game is Jackal. It won't attack you, it just moves around trying to get you by bumping into you. Use your sword to slash it about eight times and it will be defeated.

EXP GP Attacks
0 0 None