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This template returns a collapsible box, appropriately formatted and colored to hold the Crystarium information for each role on Final Fantasy XIII/Crystarium.

  1. Name of the role: Commando, Ravager, Sentinel, Synergist, Saboteur or Medic
  2. The list of Crystarium stages, split into two columns using {{Final Fantasy XIII/Crystal}}

Note: The parameter holding the list of stages needs to be explicitly named, either 2= if using the template directly (i.e. {{Final Fantasy XIII/Crystarium role}}) or 3= if using it through {{~t}}.

{{~t|Crystarium role|Commando|3={{col|2|begin}}
{{h3|Stage 1}}
<hr style="width:90%" />
* {{~t|Crystal|HP|HP +100|0}}
{{h3|Stage 2}}
<hr style="width:90%" />
* {{~t|Crystal|HP|HP +25|90}}