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This template is used on guide main pages where other games may have the same or similar names. Games which are the first in a series, and after which the series was named, should use the {{series disambig}} template.

This template accepts up to nine parameters, which is three disambiguation links. The only mandatory parameters are the second and third ones, which are for the topic and destination page, respectively. To omit the first parameter, include a pipe in the template with no content for the first parameter:

{{game disambig||topic|[[destination page]]}}

Additional parameters (4-9), will continue to add "For topic, see destination page." Both the topic and destination page are required for additional disambiguation, so the 4th and 5th go together, as do the 6th and 7th, and the 8th and 9th.


{{game disambig||topic 1|page 1}}
For topic 1, see page 1.
{{game disambig|this page|topic 1|page 1}}
This guide is for this page. For topic 1, see page 1.
{{game diambig|this page
|topic 1|page 1
|topic 2|page 2
|topic 3|page 3}}
This guide is for this page. For topic 1, see page 1. For topic 2, see page 2. For topic 3, see page 3.