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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time specific implementation of {{im}}.

  1. Page linked to; e.g. Items, Equipment, Upgrades, or Enemies.
  2. Specific image identifier; e.g. Deku Nut or Skulltula. This is part of the filename, and also the anchor point on the linked page you want the browser to jump to when clicked.
  3. File extension; "png" is default.
  4. Optional image parameters; will override default height constraint of x24px, so you will need to re-specify like "x20px" (height constraint) or "30px" (width constraint) or 30x20px (width x height constraints). To add additional parameters, use {{!}} to escape the pipe character to separate image parameters. See example below with the thumbnail (note: do not use thumbnail or float parameters with in-line images).
  • s: Switch sides. This moves the text to the right side of the icon. Useful for aligning the image.
  • display: Display text. This is the different text that you want to display on the page if it is different than the specific image identifier.


Items (including Item Trading items), Equipment, and Upgrades[edit]

{{im/oo|Items|Deku Nut}}: Deku Nut OoT Items Deku Nut.png

{{im/oot|Items|Megaton Hammer}}: Megaton Hammer OoT Items Megaton Hammer.png

{{im/oot|Upgrades|Piece of Heart}}: Piece of Heart OoT Items Piece of Heart.png

With image size parameter

{{im/oot|Equipment|Hylian Shield|png|30px}}: Hylian Shield OoT Items Hylian Shield.png

Different display text

{{im/oot|Enemies|Deku Baba (withered)|display=withered Deku Babas}}: withered Deku Babas LoZ OoT enemy Deku Baba (withered).png


In-line links

{{im/oot|Enemies|Gohma Larva}}: Gohma Larva LoZ OoT enemy Gohma Larva.png

Switched sides

{{im/oot|Enemies|Gohma Larva|s=1}}: LoZ OoT enemy Gohma Larva.png Gohma Larva

With image parameters of filetype, size, and thumbnail

{{im/oot|Enemies|Deku Scrub|png|50px{{!}}thumb{{!}}left|s=1}}:

LoZ OoT enemy Deku Scrub.png

 Deku Scrub