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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link specific implementation of {{im}}.

  1. Type of image; e.g. Item, Overworld Enemy, or Palace Enemy.
  2. Specific image identifier; e.g. Wooden Sword or Armos. This is part of the filename.
  3. File extension; "png" is default.
  4. Optional image parameters; will override default height constraint of 32px, so you will need to re-specify like "x20px" (height constraint) or "30px" (width constraint) or 30x20px (width x height constraints). To add additional parameters, use {{!}} to escape the pipe character to separate image parameters. See example below with the thumbnail (note: do not use thumbnail or float parameters with in-line images).
  • s: Switch sides. This moves the text to the right side of the icon. Useful for aligning the image.


{{im/z2|Item|Blue Potion}}: Blue Potion Adventure of Link Blue Potion.png

{{im/z2|Item|Flute|png|30px}}: Flute Adventure of Link Flute.png

{{im/z2|Enemy|Bit|s=1}}: Adventure of Link Bit.png Bit


Adventure of Link Kobold.png


{{im/z2|Spell|Life}} Life