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Template normally used within the KotORII/NPC template to display labelled and linked Feat icons: {{KotORII/Armor}} is used for Armor Proficiency and {{KotORII/Weapon}} is used for Weapon feats.

Standard usage
  • {{KotORII/Feat|1}}, where 1 = Feat line and name:
    {{KotORII/Feat|Power Attack}} results in Power Attack
  • {{KotORII/Feat|1|2}}, where 2 = feat name, when different:
    {{KotORII/Feat|Power Attack|Improved Power Attack}} results in Improved Power Attack
  • {{KotORII/Feat|1|2|DC=#}}, where the feat has Difficulty Class #:
    {{KotORII/Feat|Critical Strike|Master Critical Strike|DC=20}} results in Master Critical Strike20
Other usage
  • {{KotORII/Feat|1|2|BBD=#}}, where a Jedi character has Blaster Bolt Deflection #:
    {{KotORII/Feat|Jedi Defense|Master Jedi Defense|BBD=26}} results in Master Jedi Defense26
  • {{KotORII/Feat|1|2|3}} changes icon size for use in tables:
    {{KotORII/Feat|Jedi Defense|Master Jedi Defense|3|BBD=26}} results in Master Jedi Defense26
  • {{KotORII/Feat|1|2|3|4}} indicates feats required for an item listed in tables:
    {{KotORII/Feat|Power Attack|Master Power Attack|3|4}} results in Feats Required: Master Power Attack