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style="text-align: left" |

This page has been transcluded from Template:L/Documentation.

This template is used to make a table cell left-aligned in a table that is otherwise center-aligned, such as a table that uses {{Controlstable}} or {{prettytable|text center=1}}.


Single line
| centered cell || {{L}} left-aligned cell
Multiple lines
| centered cell
| {{L}} left-aligned cell

If you are modifying the cell contents, i.e. with colspan, rowspan, width, etc., then do not add the closing pipe between your attributes and the cell content:

| centered cell || colspan="2" {{L}} left-aligned cell

If additional style attributes need to be applied to the cell, add them as a parameter.

| {{L|color: red; background-color: yellow}} left-aligned cell with red text and a yellow background