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Hi {{subst:PAGENAME}}, I thought you could use some pointers on using links. For detailed information, please see StrategyWiki:Guide/Links.

To make a interwiki link, use [[Link text]] However, in this case, without using "/" symbols, this indicates a game name, e.g. Mega Man or Super Mario 64. Using slashes, you can denote a sub-page, or a guide page for the game. E.g. Mega Man/Table of Contents or Super Mario 64/Cool, Cool Mountain. Additional tricks exist, for example, if you put a pipe character (the "|" symbol) and then text, it will mask the link, like so: Mega Man: Super Mario 64. You can see the real target of a URL by hovering your mouse over it and looking at the status bar in your browser. Finally, you can use two periods and a slash to indicate a parent page (one "up" from where you are). For example, if you are on a sub-page, like Super Mario 64/Cool, Cool Mountain, you can use [[../]] to represent "Super Mario 64". Note: on a talk page like this, you can't use [[../]] because this is the parent. The point is, if a game has a long name, the ../ can be used to simplify it to three characters. It makes writing links much quicker. E.g. Super Mario 64/Cool, Cool Mountain becomes ../Cool, Cool Mountain. This type of parent-child linking is referred to as directory traversal in operating system lingo.

Similarly, you can make an external link by using a URL or a single bracket like so:


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Boilerplate text for notifying people about how to use links. This is to be substituted into a user's user talk page, using the following wikimarkup: {{subst:Links}}. This also includes your signature, so adding that afterwards is unnecessary.