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This template is for information on each area in MadWorld. It goes directly after the {{Header Nav}}.


{{madworld areainfo


  • boss: The area boss' full name.
  • bossrank: The boss' rank.
  • startrank: The rank you start the area out with.
  • eventn: The events (1-8) that are unlocked by achieving a certain score. 1-5 are mandatory, the other three are optional.
  • pointn: The points needed for each correspondingly numbered event.
  • bbn: If the event is a BloodBath Challenge, put something in this field.
A note on the image
The image comes from the map screen when you select the area. It is shown at 250px wide, so it needs to display reasonably well at that resolution, and should be a PNG image. Upload images to filenames in this format:
MadWorld_Boss Name_mappic.png
Make sure the boss' name is correctly spelled and capitalized, because it is used to display the boss' name in the template as well.