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Monster template for MapleStory. This is used to create a single row for a monster on the MapleStory/Monsters page.

The image should be uploaded as "MS Monster <monster name>.png"


  1. Name
  2. Minor notes (i.e. Boss or weakness type such as undead).
  3. Level
  4. Hit Points
  5. Mana Points
  6. Physical Defense Rate
  7. Magic Defense Rate
  8. Experience received (GlobalMS)
  9. Main Notes
  10. Alternate Picture (Optional). This should be used to reduce the number of duplicate images on the wiki.
  11. Image parameters (Optional)
Other parameters
  • last: used to track the last time the event monster was seen in GMS. All uses of this template on the event monster page should have this parameter.



!Name||Monster Info||Notes
{{MapleStory/Monster|Mano|Minor notes.|10|1,250|100|25|25|170|The Grandfather of all snails.}}

Name Monster Info Notes
MS Monster Mano.png

Minor notes.

  • Level: 10
  • HP: 1,250
  • MP: 100
  • PDR: 25%
  • MDR: 25%
  • EXP: 170
The Grandfather of all snails.