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NPC template for MapleStory. This is used to create a single row for a NPC on the MapleStory/NPCs page.

The image should be uploaded as "MS NPC <NPC name>.png"

  1. NPC name.
  2. NPC's title (optional).
  3. Location(s).
  4. Notes (quests, items for sale, etc.).
  5. Alternate picture (optional). This should be used to reduce the number of duplicate images on the wiki.
  6. Image parameters (optional).
  • t: use this parameter to create the table's header. This should be used to dynamically change every NPC header by modifying this template.
  • id (optional): use this parameter to specify the NPC's ID for linking purposes. If more than one NPC has the same name, this should be used for all of them except the one that appeared first.


{{MapleStory/NPC|NPC Name|NPC Title|Location|Info|MS NPC Dalair.png}}
NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Dalair.png
NPC Name
NPC Title
Location Info