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This page has been transcluded from Template:MapleStory/Skill desc/Documentation.

This is for displaying all the information about a skill in MapleStory.


  1. Job name (used for section linking).
  2. Skill name and image filename; image defaults to ".png".
  3. Simplified skill description.
  4. Official skill description.
  5. Skill effects by level.
  6. Skill image name.


Code example

{{MapleStory/Skill desc||Three Snails|Throws a snail shell to inflict set damage with 100% accuracy.|Hurls snail shells to attack monsters from long distance.|
* '''Level 1''': Green Snail Shell -1, MP -10; Damage 10
* '''Level 2''': Blue Snail Shell -1, MP -15; Damage 25
* '''Level 3''': Red Snail Shell -1, MP -20; Damage 40}}
Code in use

MS Skill Three Snails.png

Three Snails: Throws a snail shell to inflict set damage with 100% accuracy.