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Neutral point of view (NPOV)[edit]

Hi {{subst:PAGENAME}}, so that we remain objective and eliminate unnecessary content, please do not add references to yourself, such as the word "I", or your name, on guide pages. This includes opinions outside of the scope of a strategy (note that a guide can have multiple strategies explained within if organized well). Readers cannot identify the author of the content and we do not allow signatures on guide pages. Also see Wikipedia's explanation. If you have any questions, please reply below. Thank you for your contributions, --~~~~

This page has been transcluded from Template:NPOV/Documentation.

Boilerplate text for notifying people about our neutral point of view policy. This is to be substituted into a user's user talk page, using the following wikimarkup: {{subst:NPOV}}. This also includes your signature, so adding that afterwards is unnecessary.