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This page has been transcluded from Template:Progress bar/Documentation.


This template displays a colored progress bar, visualizing the parameters given.

  • progress: the amount of progress made (numerator)
  • total: the total progress allowable (denominator)
  • units: the units to display (optional; it's displayed as a percentage if this parameter isn't passed)
  • inner-text: custom override of the text to display (overrides units if both are used)
  • outer-color: color of the background of the bar (default is gray)
  • outer-border: color of the border around the progress bar (default is black; use "none" to omit border)
  • outer-style: extra styles for the outer progress bar
  • inner-color: color of the inner progress bar (default is yellow-green)
  • inner-font: color of the text inside
  • inner-style: extra styles for the inner progress bar


Simple With units
{{progress bar|progress=2|total=10}}
{{progress bar|progress=2|total=10|units=cookies}}
2 cookies
Custom text Different styles
{{progress bar
|inner-text=A couple cookies}}
{{progress bar
A couple cookies