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This page has been transcluded from Template:Psx/Documentation.

A template for making PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Vita, PS4, and any future ps* button images.


Buttons examples with syntax:

  • Circle button: {{psx|C}}
  • Triangle button: {{psx|T}}
  • Cross button: {{psx|X}}
  • Square button: {{psx|S}}
  • Square hold: {{psx|S|Hold}}

Control Pad directions with syntax:

  • DownLeft lstick: {{psx|DownLeft|Lstick}}
  • DownLeft rstick: {{psx|DownLeft|Rstick}}
  • Up dpad: {{psx|Up|Dpad}}
  • UpRight dpad: {{psx|UpRight|Dpad}}

PlayStation Move-specific buttons with syntax:

  • Move button: {{psx|Move}}
  • Move t: {{psx|Move|T}}

Analog stick rotations (note: {{cade}} is a good alternative as motions like Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png are very visually indicative of what is necessary for a move)

  • Clockwise rstick: {{psx|Clockwise|Rstick}}
  • Counterclockwise lstick: {{psx|Counterclockwise|Lstick}}


All images are in CamelCase, a naming system like "Playstation-Button-C.png." Since the main buttons are pictoral, like circle, square, triangle and cross/X, they are named here as the first letter in their name such as Playstation-Button-T.png for Triangle. Here is a full list.