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Country Abbreviation Icon
Australia au Flag of Australia.svg
Belgium be Flag of Belgium.svg
Brazil br Flag of Brazil.svg
Canada ca Flag of Canada.svg
China cn Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
Denmark dk Flag of Denmark.svg
European Union eu Flag of the European Union.svg
Ireland ie Flag of Ireland.svg
Italy it Flag of Italy.svg
Finland fi Flag of Finland.svg
France fr Flag of France.svg
Germany de Flag of Germany.svg
Hong Kong hk Flag of Hong Kong.svg
Indonesia id Flag of Indonesia.svg
Japan jp Flag of Japan.svg
Korea kr Flag of South Korea.svg
Macau mo Flag of Macau.svg
Malaysia my Flag of Malaysia.svg
Mexico mx Flag of Mexico.svg
Netherlands nl Flag of the Netherlands.svg
New Zealand nz Flag of New Zealand.svg
North America na Flag of the United States.svg
Norway nor Flag of Norway.svg
Philippines ph Flag of the Philippines.svg
Poland pl Flag of Poland.svg
Russia ru Flag of Russia.svg
South Africa sa Flag of South Africa.svg
Singapore sg Flag of Singapore.svg
Spain es Flag of Spain.svg
Sweden se Flag of Sweden.svg
Taiwan tw Flag of the Republic of China.svg
Thailand th Flag of Thailand.svg
United Kingdom uk Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
United States us Flag of the United States.svg
Vietnam vn Flag of Vietnam.svg
ASEAN sea Flag of ASEAN.svg
PAL region pal PAL.png
Global rd Globe.svg