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[[{{{1}}}]] This page has been transcluded from Template:Sort/Documentation.


It has been suggested that this page be merged with Template:Sortkey. Comments: "It's a very useful template, and in its current use, redundant to {{sortkey}}. The template has extra functionality besides sorting dates though, as it can sort anything, although so far we've pretty much just used these for dates. Either way, if extra functionality is wanted it should be merged into sortkey and if it's only to be used for dates it can be safely replaced and deleted."

You may discuss this on the page's talk page.

This template is for optionally sorting tables by specified sortkeys.

{{sort|sort value|displayed value}}

If necessary, one can apply sorting using a sortkey that due to CSS is not displayed: <span style="display:none">...</span>. Javascript sorting is based on the text inside and outside the tags, without the tags themselves. A hidden sortkey can be put at the start.

This template makes that more convenient. The first parameter is the sortkey; the second parameter is the wikitext of what has to be displayed. By default, this is the sortkey with link brackets.

|{{sort|Brothers Karamazov|[[The Brothers Karamazov]]}}

It presently works through hidden CSS, as described at wp:Help:Sorting. If a cleaner way of doing this is developed, the template will be changed. A table using this template should use it in all rows.

Note: You should always have the same number of columns for a given table. E.g., if the wikitable will be sorting the numbers 56 (foo), 94 (bar), and 103 (baz), then your templates within that wikitable should be