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Back link issues[edit]

I was trying to add this to my Eternal Arcadia guide, and came up against a couple of issues. Firstly, on the Eternal Arcadia page, I don't want a "Back" link, because there is no previous page. Second, on the Characters page, I wanted the "back" link to point to plain old Eternal Arcadia, but instead it goes to Eternal Arcadia/. Both of these could be potentially resolved by putting a Qif in to determine of there's a target for the "Back" link, and if not just point it to the root of the guide. I'd try it myself, but the template's a bit tough to read. --aniki21 04:15, 28 August 2006 (CDT)

I've made a couple of changes; try it now. :-) --DrBob (Talk) 04:44, 28 August 2006 (CDT)

Change [ Show ] to [ Show ToC ][edit]

I think it would be better if the Table of Contents toggle link was labeled as "[ Show ToC ]" rather than "[ Show ]" (and vice versa) because it better explains what the link does. A link labeled "[ Show ]" could show anything, but "[ Show ToC ]" describes what it shows immediately and doesn't require a trial. Just my 2¢.--Dan 09:07, 3 February 2007 (CST)

That's not actually possible, as the "Show" link is added via JavaScript, and without rearchitecting the script, it's not going to be possible to change the link text for only this usage. --DrBob (Talk) 10:26, 3 February 2007 (CST)
Ehm, couldn't we just copy that script and craft it our own way in a different template or something?--Dan 10:33, 3 February 2007 (CST) :-P We could, but it would be wasteful and hacky. I'll try and think of a neat solution. --DrBob (Talk) 11:40, 3 February 2007 (CST)