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Find Kronopolis, the capital city[edit]

The game world is randomized for every new game, that is whenever you create a new character. It stays the same upon a simple reload. The randomization includes the location of all landmarks, the layout of dungeons and the characteristics of the party members.

As soon as you arrive on the planet's surface, you might want to do three actions:

  1. Press # to turn off sound (1986 PC speakers are nothing worth it).
  2. Press H (Halte = stop) then A (accélérer = accelerate) to speed up movement.
  3. Press H then C (consulter la carte = check the map) too see a map of your surroundings; the map displays exactly one third of the full surface of Amarande.

Inscriptions tell you how far the city of Kronopolis is. There is an error in the inscriptions: instead of stating where Kronopolis is, the coordinates provided are the steps that you should take to get there.

In Kronopolis, after you enter the city, you can do three things:

  • A (Acheter = purchase): purchase a close-combat weapon, some armor, and the key no. 9.
  • V (Vendre = sell): later, you can sell surplus items.
  • H (Hôpital = hospital): the status of all your party members will be restored to perfect health; poison (EM) and death (KO) will be cured, too.

Since this is a French game, health care is free of charge, almost[1] as it is in real France.

Recruit party members[edit]

There are seven locations where you can recruit party members. Said characters are generated at random for every new game, although their class is fixed. There is a pool of 27 given names, and the class determines the highest attribute of the character.

Characters Locations

Merchant (marchande)

Skill: negociation

Combat: A
Domain of Balgence
Hamlet of the Sands Door

Priest (prêtre)

Skill: exorcism

Combat: A
Abbey of Deadfountain
Sanctuary of Mahalore

Vestal (vestale)

Skill: psychic power

Combat: A
Hermitage of the Ghouls Rock
Enter in the temple of Seth? (N=no, any=yes)
de Kerlas
van Dunor
von Klutz

Pilot (pilote)

Skill: space travel

Combat: T
Boarding? (N=no, any=yes) — Nameless spaceport

More recruitable characters can be met in and under the City of Skulls.

Exploring Amarande[edit]

There are three more places of interest:

  • The spaceport
  • The pyramid
  • The city of skulls

The first two locations will become useful later, the latter is the next destination.

  1. Almost free? In real France, patients have to pay for health care, and then they get fully refunded a few days later.