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Character creation[edit]

After the player chooses a name, the game generates the three main attributes (strength, intelligence, luck) at random. The player is the asked to split up each of said three attributes into two secondary attributes.

On the next screen, the game gives 2 extra points to a random attribute, then the player is asked to distribute 6 more points as he or she wishes.

Flag of France.svg Attribute Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Attribute Explanation
Force Strength The main attribute for a warrior; it rules the skill with close-combat weapons.
It is split into endurance and agility ("agilité").
Intelligence Intelligence It is split into mind power ("volonté") and charisma ("charme").
Chance Luck It is split into vitality ("vitalité") and dexterity ("habileté").
Flag of France.svg Attribute Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Attribute Explanation
Endurance Endurance It determines the ability to absorb hits (health points or defence?).
Agilité Agility It has two applications:
(1) determines order of initiative in combat;
(2) together with dexterity ("habileté"), it allows to safely unlock trapped chests.
Volonté Mind power The higher this attribute, the easier it is to Scan ("Sonder") the other party members and learn about their skills.
Charme Charisma Necessary in any negociation, e.g. to persuade a character to join your party.
Vitalité Vitality It rules the ability to recover after getting hit (regeneration rate of health points?).
Habileté Dexterity It has two applications:
(1) it rules the skill with shooting weapons;
(2) together with agility ("agilité"), it allows to safely unlock trapped chests.


The hero can recruit characters from nine different classes. A high charisma (charm) makes recruitment easier, otherwise a character may ask 250 Ducats (the currency in Tera) or simply refuse to join.

When a new game is generated, one potential party member per class is created. Each character has:

  • fixed starting skill(s) and starting equipment; attribute linked to the main skill always equal to 9;
  • name and home location from a limited pool (see table below);
  • random numeric attributes, including health and magic points, but excluding the aforementioned main skill attribute.

In order to see attributes, skills and equipment of your party members, Press H (halte = stop) then S (sonder = scan) for a mind scan. Success rate of this action depends on the hero's mind power (volonté).

In battle, each character should fight using his or her specific skills, otherwise he or she will invariably miss.

  • EXAMPLE: de Kerlas is a pilot who comes with a lv.1 shooting skill and equipped with a revolver. In battle, he should attack by shooting (T button). If he attempts to conjure a spell with J, he will always miss, because he has no magic skill.
Names Class Skill(s) Attacks Location(s)
Warrior Close combat lv.3
(strength = 9)
Lutter = cLose combat City of Skulls
? Rogue Resourcefulness
(agility = 9)
Close combat lv.1
Lutter = cLose combat ?
? Cyborg Shooting lv.3
(dexterity = 9)
Tirer = shooT ?
de Kerlas
van Dunor
von Klutz
Pilot Space travel lv.3
(endurance = 9)
Shooting lv.1
Tirer = shooT Spaceport
Vestal Psychic power lv.3
(mind power = 9)
Attaque mental = mind Attack Temple of Seth
Hermitage of Ghouls Rock
Merchant Negociating lv.3
(charisma = 9)
Psychic power lv.1
Attaque mental = mind Attack Domain of Balgence
Hamlet of the Door of Sands
Priest Exorcism lv.3
(luck = 9)
Psychic power lv.1
Attaque mental = mind Attack
Dissiper = Dispel (spirits & demons)
Sanctuary of Mahalore
Abbey of Deadfountain
Mage Magic lv.3
(intelligence = 9)
Jeter un sort = conJure a spell City of Skulls
Sun Raa
Sorcerer Enchantment lv.3
(vitality = 9)
Magic lv.1
Jeter un sort = conJure a spell
Psalmodier = Pray (vs. undead & demons)
City of Skulls
Math Max
Lt Rambow
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?


  • Basic combat skills:
    • Lutte (cLose combat):
    • Tir (shooT):
  • Combat skills requiring mind points (MP):
    • Pouvoir psy (psychic power, mind Attack):
    • Magie (magic, conJure spells):
    • Exorcisme (exorcism, Dispel): an attack effective against spirits and demons only.
    • Incantation (enchantment, Pray): an attack effective against undead and demons only.
  • Field skills:
    • Négociation (negociation): bonus to recruitment.
    • Astronaute (space travel): lower chance to get attacked by the space pirates of Shaam.
    • Système débrouillage (resourcefulness): bonus to disarm traps and open chests.


When characters earn sufficient experience (a hidden statistic), they will be promoted to a higher level. All the party levels-up at the same time. The total amount of life points (PV, points de vie) and mind points (PM, pouvoir mental) remains constant, but each character earns one level in any one skill from any character in the party!