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Start or reload a game[edit]

Mount disks (DOS Box)[edit]

Tera requires an extra floppy disk for save states. In DOSBox, you should mount said floppy as follows:

mount -t floppy b c:\tera\b

Where c:\tera\b can be any folder of your choice. On the other hand, it is necessary that the floppy is named "B" (or "b").[1]

Game start[edit]

First, the game asks how many disks you have. You should specify 2. If you type "1", it will be impossible to save and reload your game.

After you specified "2 disks", the game will ask you the drive name for the floppy disk. You must answer "B".

  1. Source: Buck & Oliems (commenters of the Computer Role-Playing Games Addict).