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Each combat action (except for "crier"/"cry") can only be performed by characters with the appropriate skill (in brackets). "Tir"/"shoot" also requires a long-range weapon.

Flag of France.svg French original Flag of the United Kingdom.svg English translation
L LUTTER (lutte)
  • Il/elle assène un coup
  • Il/elle frappe
  • Il/elle frappe deux coups
Close combat (close combat)
  • (S)he strikes a blow
  • (S)he hits
  • (S)he hits twice
T TIRER (tir)
  • Il/elle vise
  • Il/elle tire
  • Il/elle ajuste son tir
Shoot (shooting)
  • (S)he aims
  • (S)he shoots
  • (S)he adjusts his/her shot
A ATTAQUE MENTALE (pouvoir psy)
  • Il/elle se concentre
  • Il/elle projette un flux mental
  • Il/elle controle par hypnose
Mind attack (psychic power)
  • (S)he focuses
  • (S)he projects a mind flow
  • (S)he controls by hypnosis
  • Il/elle fait appel à sa magie
  • Il/elle jette un sort
  • Il/elle tente de materialiser la foudre
Conjure a spell (magic)
  • (S)he calls upon his/her magic
  • (S)he conjures a spell
  • (S)he tries and materializes the lightning
D DISSIPER (exorcisme)
  • Il/elle entre en transe
  • Il/elle invoque les anciens dieux
  • Il/elle fait appel aux éléments
Dispel (exorcism)
  • (S)he gets into a trance
  • (S)he summons the ancient gods
  • (S)he calls upon the elements
P PSALMODIER (incantation)
  • Il/elle psalmodie une incantation
  • Il/elle prononce l'incantation
  • Il/elle entonne le chant encantatoire
Pray with a psalm (enchantment)
  • (S)he chants an enchantment
  • (S)he pronounces the enchantment
  • (S)he intones the enchanting song
  • Mot?
    • Il/elle crie le mot rédoutable
  • Word? (type a word)
    • (S)he cries the formidable word