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The online multiplayer has 3 modes.

Standard 2 Player[edit]

This is a standard tetris game with garbage blocks. Force your opponents tetrominos to the top to win

Standard 4 Player with Items[edit]

This is a 4 player tetris game with garbage blocks and items. Force all of your opponents tetrominos over the top to win.

  • Items
    • Koopa shell: Destroys bottom 2 rows of tetrominos
    • Mushroom: Rapidly increases the rate that tetrominos fall on your opponents screen temporarily.
    • Starman: All your tetromino blocks will be the blue 1 by 4 pieces temporarily and you will not be able to be attacked.
    • Lightning bolts: Makes all tetromino blocks on an opponents screen turn un-rotatable shortly
    • Boo: Hides the tetrominos line ups of all of your opponents.
    • Banana peel: Rotates the playing field around the center.

2 Player Push[edit]

A 2 player push game against your opponent.