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Items in Tetris Party affect your or your opponent's gameplay in some way. Each player has an item queue that holds up to three items, which can be activated at any time. Newly collected items are placed at the end of the queue. If the queue is full when you collect an item, the oldest item in the queue is removed.

In VS Battle, VS Hot Lines, and Wi-Fi battles, items are collected by clearing lines containing an Item Block (Tetris Party Item Block.png). Only one Item Block exists at a time per player, either in the stack or in the active, falling Tetrimino. An Item Block appears or changes position after every ten Tetrimino drops.

In Field Climber and VS Field Climber, you receive a Line Kick item whenever the climber collects a flag (Tetris Party flag.png).

Block Shot[edit]

The Block Shot item.
Minos are created that can fill holes in your stack or disrupt other players.
  • Target: Anyone
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • This item has special controls for targeting.

The Block Shot item allows you to create Minos in anyone's Matrix. Once activated, your active Tetrimino freezes and you will be able to continuously use this item for a short time. Up to 16 Minos can be spawned while this item is active.

You can use the Wii Remote to select precisely where you want to spawn a Mino. Otherwise, the position of a Mino is random within a randomly selected opponent's Matrix.

The spawned Minos in a player's Matrix glow and remain stationary until the player locks a Tetrimino, then the Minos fall onto the stack. The Minos clear lines, but these lines do not send garbage. If a piece is locked on top of a spawned Mino, that Mino disappears. The player's active Tetrimino is not obstructed by glowing Minos.


The Cascade item.
Individual Minos will fall due to gravity.
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: 7.5 seconds

The Cascade item temporarily allows Tetriminos to break apart after they lock.

After a Tetrimino locks, the individual Minos of the Tetrimino will break apart and fall on top of the stack. Lines cleared by these fallen Minos do not send garbage.

Field Climber[edit]

The Field Climber item.
Players who aren't careful with the climber will receive garbage.
  • Target: All opponents
  • Duration: 20 seconds

The Field Climber item spawns the climber from Field Climber mode, who will disappear after a short time. If there is already a climber in a player's Matrix, using this item won't have any effect on them.

If a player squishes the climber, they receive five garbage lines and the climber will disappear.


The Hide item.
An opponent will not see their next or held Tetriminos for a while.
  • Target: Single opponent
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • This item has special controls for targeting.

The Hide item prevents an opponent from seeing their Next Queue and Hold Queue temporarily.

You can select who to affect with the item using the Wii Remote. Otherwise, a random opponent is selected.

Line Kick[edit]

The Line Kick item.
Rows are instantly cleared.
  • Target: Anyone
  • This item has special controls for targeting.

The Line Kick item instantly clears five rows from a Matrix.

If you point the Wii Remote at anyone's Matrix and use this item, it will clear five visible rows centered around the pointer. By default, it will clear the five bottom rows of your Matrix.


The Lock item.
Tetrimino rotation is disabled for a while.
  • Target: All opponents
  • Duration: 5 seconds

The Lock item prevents all opponent's from rotating their Tetriminos for a short time. Their active Tetrimino turns gray while this item is activated.


The Shift item.
Holes in the stack are aligned.
  • Target: Self
  • This item has special controls for targeting.

The Shift item aligns all of the holes in your stack to one side of the Matrix.

You can use the Wii Remote to select which side to align to. By default, a side will be randomly selected.


The Smoke item.
Smoke covers an opponent's Matrix until they shake it away.
  • Target: Single opponent
  • This item has special controls for targeting.

The Smoke item covers an opponent's Matrix with smoke, preventing them from seeing their Matrix. Smoke is cleared by shaking the Wii Remote or rapidly pressing Zl button or Zr button on the Classic Controller.

You can choose which opponent to affect by pointing the Wii Remote at their Matrix. By default, the game will select one opponent at random.

Speed Up[edit]

The Speed Up item.
Tetriminos drop faster temporarily.
  • Target: All opponents
  • Duration: 5 seconds

The Speed Up item temporarily increases how fast Tetriminos fall for all opponents.

Time Stop[edit]

The Time Stop item.
Opponents cannot do anything for a while.
  • Target: All opponents
  • Duration: 5 seconds

The Time Stop item temporarily freezes all opponents' active Tetriminos and prevents them from doing anything.