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There are only a few items available to use right now. But each of them are extremely useful.

Deer Bleat[edit]

Thehunter deerbleat.jpg
  • Use the deer bleat to call deer. Give it 2-3 full blasts, wait a few minutes to see the deer or hear it call back. A buck will respond with a grunting noise, while a doe will respond with a whine. If you don't hear anything within a few minutes feel free to repeat. Once the deer is spotted, you could use a single blast to keep it coming toward you.

Box Turkey Call[edit]

Thehunter turkeycall.jpg
  • The box turkey call will attract turkeys. Generally you want to click it fast about 10 times in a row. You can use less if the turkey is close.

8x 42mm Binoculars[edit]

Thehunter 8x42mmbinocs.jpg
  • The binoculars are essential for spotting animals. Odds are if you are in range to spot an animal with the naked eye, he will be gone before you see him. Use the binoculars often to spot animals before they can detect you. Be aware that these are 8x, so twice the magnification of the rifle scope

Wind Indicator (Smoke)[edit]

Thehunter windindicator.jpg
  • Tells direction of the wind with a puff in the air.