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Optional Content
With the Iron Flail in your poesession, you are able to pick up Gilded Falcons ten and eleven, Life Vessel five, as well as the second Magic Seed.

After waking up, head downstairs, where Jess will present Alundra with the Iron Flail. This weapon is stronger and has a better range than the Dagger, and is able to destroy certain grey blocks. After this, leave the village and head go to the screen containing Tarn's Manor, to the right of the Manor is a river, follow it South and cross the bridge there, leaving through the South-east exit. Destroy the block with the Iron Flail and head down the steps and ladders. Once at the bottom, go all the way to the right and jump down the well. Once down there, go right and open the chest containing a Strength Elixir, climb back up the ladder and enter the shack to the left of the well.

This is Lurvy's Smith Shack, the second of two shops in Inoa, he sells more items than Naomi and has much cheaper rates for all of them.

Item Price
Herbs 4 Gilder
Strength Tonic 12 Gilder
Strength Elixir 18 Gilder
Magic Elixir 24 Gilder
Leather Armour 120 Gilder
Life Vessel 400 Gilder
Wonder Essence 200 Gilder

It is recommended to purchase the Leather Armor and the Life Vessel, in order to make the Life Vessel appear, purchase the Leather Armour and leave. After purchasing the Life Vessel, a Wonder Essence will take its place.

The Cliffs of Madness

Proceed to climb up the Cliffs of Madness, the map on the right should help, the most important thing to do besides collecting the treasure is to jump down Lurvy's chimney, a short talking sequence will occur that is very important later on. Exit out the top door, climb up the spiral staircase and exit.

In this area, Alundra's jumping is impaired unless he stands on non-sand covered areas, go left past the steps to the bottom left corner of the area. Head upwards and then right as soon as possible, carry on going right until there is a chest next to a pyramid style structure, directly beneath it is a stone patch, use it to jump on the high level and open the chest, receiving a Gilded Falcon. From there, jump right onto the sandy area and then get to the top left corner of the area. Keep in mind that Alundra can jump normally on non-sand and can jump one-tile gaps when on sand.

Enter the cave and go down towards the chest, open it to receive the Sand Cape, which allows Alundra to effectively burrow under the sand and go through low gaps. Leave the room and then use the Sand Cape to get under the small gap in the wall, in order to use it, press Circle, pressing X while underground allows Alundra to travel much faster. After leaving the cave, head back to the entrance of the Desert of Despair, then go left, going up the stairs and walking upwards until Alundra freezes, two tornadoes will take him to another area of the Desert.

In these next rooms, Alundra must leave the room in the direction the wind is blowing in. In the first room, the wind is blowing towards the North, hence Alundra must leave through the North. Use the Sand Cape to go under the first gap and immediately turn right to go through the next, and then go through the other gap and leave through the North.

In the next room, Alundra has to leave via the West. Beneath the rocks is a stone patch, pick up the rock and then jump to the higher level, at this point, Alundra can either use the rocks as stepping stones to cross at the largest point, or he can jump at the smallest point, using the wind to aid him, and then work his way down, finally jumping diagonally. Either way, once he's at the bottom left of the room, leave going West. If you wish to trivialize the last room, simply leave while hugging the Southern rocks as much as possible.

In the next room, Alundra has to leave South. Keep in mind that since the wind is blowing this way, Alundra will travel South whenever he jumps, meaning he has to adjust accordingly. Go up the steps and jump to the pillar on the left. At this point, Alundra can either directly jump down to the bottom right pillar, it is tricky but the wind makes it possible. If this jump proves to be too hard, jump across to the leftmost pillar, making sure to aim slightly North so Alundra does not fall off. Once at that pillar, jump down to the lower one and then to the bottom of the screen. If you chose to hug the Southern rocks in the last room, Alundra automatically starts at the plateau at the bottom of the room, simply walk South.

In this room, walk towards the sparkles and enter the Ancient Shrine