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The Bitmap Brothers
The Bitmap Brothers's company logo.
LocatedWapping, United Kingdom
WebsiteOfficial website

The Bitmap Brothers were a UK based video game developer founded in 1987. The company entered the industry in 1988 with the scrolling shooter Xenon. They quickly followed with the classic Speedball. Prior to becoming the publisher of their own games (under Renegade Software), early Bitmap Brothers titles were distributed by Image Works and Konami.

The Bitmap Brothers released several games on the Amiga and Atari ST, and were one of the most successful companies on those platforms. They became known in particular for releasing games from a variety of different genres that usually came to be regarded as leaders in their respective fields. Their PC games have never matched the sales of their previous Amiga titles. Since 2002, the company have released ports of several of their most popular games for both the Game Boy Advance and Pocket PC platforms.


The Bitmap Brothers were based in Wapping, East London and were privately owned. The company's MD was Mike Montgomery, who had founded the company together with Eric Matthews and Steve Kelly.

Mark John Coleman is a computer graphics developer who frequently worked with The Bitmap Brothers; his graphics tend to be blocky, featuring rock, metal, and shiny organic textures; his animations tend to be cartoonesque and fluid.


Two former core members of the company - Mike Montgomery and John Phillips - have gone on to found Tower Studios (along with Sensible Software founder Jon Hare), and state their involvement with The Bitmap Brothers as having ended in 2004.

After years of silence a newspost on the official website announces Speedball2 which shall be released summer 2007 by Frogster Interactive.


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