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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

  1. Go to the right, to the Sad Boozook Street. Continue right to Bridge of Slums.
  2. Click the crate. Click the nut under the crate. Pick up the nut.
  3. Throw the nut at the beggar. Pick up the boot he throws back. Go back to Azimuth's house.
  4. Pick up the button on the ground. Use the boot on the boot stuck on the roof.
  5. Put on the boots. You'll find a picture of Azimuth. Go right, to the Sad Boozook Street.
  6. Use the picture of Azimuth on the lady. She will give you a newspaper article about Azimuth's Schnibble. Go to the Bridge of Slums.
  7. You can now cross the acid water in your boots. Pick up the nut. Continue right to the Wino Alley. Enter the bar.
  8. Talk to your former teacher at the top of the bar. She will give you the 'A' block. Use the newspaper article on your teacher to learn how to read. Go back downstairs and talk JF Sebastian at the counter. He will give you some coffee.
  9. Woodruff remembers his father's kidnapping at the Title Screen. Pick up the brush and return to the bar towards the right.
  10. Take the bottle-opener from the elastic barman's pocket while he is dropped down. Click on the sun poster to learn the phone number for the weather channel. Return to the Wino's Alley.
  11. Give the coffee to the wino. He'll give you a meteozon watch. Use the brush on the tar. Take some feathers. Return left two screens to the Sad Boozook alley.
  12. Put the A block into the A imprint to get the Tobozon. Continue left two more screens to the Staircase.
  13. Get the Boozook ite in the shop window. Kick the can to get a bean, and then pick up the can. Return right to Azimuth's House.
  14. Go up the elevator at the top left, to the Administration Center. Go left to the Brotoflatron Square.
  15. Read to poster to get the factory's tobozon number. Call the factory. The manager will tell you that you need a photo ID and a respiration certificate. Talk to the gambler. Enter the store.
  16. Use the nut on the hamster wheel. Go back outside, and take the storekeeper's morphoplastoc finger. Reenter the store.
  17. Use the tarred brush on the naughty poster in the back. The Lovebird is no longer mesmerized. Give the Lovebird the feathers. Go to the far right of the shop, and it will be dark.
  18. Click twice on the flapper, once on the clapper, and once on the switch. A nose appears. Use the finger on the nose. The entrance to the Clandestine Gaming Club will open. Continue right. Exit the Gaming Club to the right.
  19. In the Pleasure District, talk to Spinning Top. She'll give you the tobozon number to the Throne Room. Click the pinball machine three times to get a strul. Finally, money! Get at least 8 struls. (You can also bet in the clandestine gaming club now.)
  20. Use the strul on the slot machine to gain more. He will always win if he only has one strul.
  21. Return right a few screens to Brotoflatron Square. Take the elevator up to the Bigwig's Place.
  22. Click the robot to get his shirt front. Go inside the store a few times and buy the blue glasses and a morphoplastoc chin.
  23. Click on the poster to get the number to Coh Cott's show. Woodruff falls in love with her.
  24. Click the woobly shadow on the floor. A garbage bag falls. Pick it up. Leave through the bottom left, toward the Dry Fountain Place.
  25. Talk to the talent wiseman and buy a goofy hat from him. The wiseman also gives Woodruff the access code to his room at the Boozook temple. Return to the Bigwig Square. Head back down the elevator, towards the Brotoflatron square. Head right a few screens, through the Pleasure District, and towards the Virtual Trip Towers.
  26. Click the rock to the right. Go down the elevator and talk to Ernst Blinzt about his bluxtre nut. He will part with it only for another rock.
  27. Use the tobozon to call the weather channel. Eventually they will forecast a meteorite storm on a certain screen. Head to this screen, use the meteozon watch, and wait for the meteorite to crash. Pick up the resulting pebble.
  28. Return to Virtual Trip Towers and give the stone to Ernst. Return down the elevator and travel a few screens to the Wino Alley.
  29. Use the bluxtre nut on the tarred barrel.
  30. Again use the tobozon to predict where a meteorite shower will be. Use the meteozon watch and place the bluxtre nut on the cross where the meteorite will hit. Pick up the now cracked nut.
  31. Return to the temple and hand the Boozook guard the bluxtre nut.
  32. Pick up the gas tank and the trash can lid. Read the Time Wiseman's door--it has the digicode to the Council Room. Leave at the top left.

To be continued...