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The Black Bass
Box artwork for The Black Bass.
Release date(s)
NES icon.png NES
Flag of the United States.svg September, 1989
Preceded byThe Black Bass (Japan)
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The Black Bass, known in Japan as The Black Bass II (ザ・ブラックバスII Za Burakku Basu 2?), is a fishing game developed for the Famicom by Another and published by HOT・B in Japan in 1988. It was later translated and released for the NES in North America in 1989. It is the second game released in HOT・B's Black Bass fishing game franchise after the 1986 Japan-exclusive game also simply titled The Black Bass. The sequel later became the first in the franchise to receive a North American release, where the title reverted back to The Black Bass to introduce consumers overseas to the series (the title screen reads The Black Bass USA).

The objective is for the player to catch as many black bass as possible from sunrise to sunset. The player may select a beginner's game or ranking game. A ranking game requires a password. From here, a player may select a location on the lake to start at and begin fishing. Simply tossing a lure out with the desired power will start the process. A fish can be lured in by moving the lure around and if it bites, then the player can try reeling it in. Bass are the primary fish to gain points or ranking, all other fish (trout, pike) are less points unless they are over 3.0 lbs. Care must be taken however when reeling, as too much constant reeling leads to the line breaking, and the loss of both the fish and the lure.

Between casting rounds, the player can make certain selections. Among the selections available is the option to change the type and or color of lure being used.

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