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Castle of Dr Brain room 6.jpg

Once again, the maze will leave you in a hallway where you must enter doors to the side to gain access to the next room. There is only one room this time, but it contains two puzzles. Click on the door to the left to start the word puzzles.

Solved word search puzzle.

The first of these is a word search puzzle. The only catch here is that the words aren't provided, but you are told that they are all sports and games related words. However, the list of words just happens to be the same as the words used in the decoder puzzle in the very first hall. The words are Backgammon, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Blackjack, Bowling, Bridge, Checkers, Chess, Cribbage, Dominos, Football, Golf, Hearts, Hockey, Horseshoes, Jacks, Jigsaw, Poker, Pool, Puzzle, Soccer, Spades, Tennis, and Tictactoe. To find a word, you can either use the mouse of keyboard. Using the keyboard, use the arrows to move the cursor to the first letter and hit enter, then move to the cursor to the final letter and hit enter again. Alternatively, click on the first letter and drag the cursor, while holding the button down, to the final letter.

The word search puzzle is the same on all difficulty levels, though a different number of found words are required to advance on each difficulty level. The solution, with each word marked by a solid black line, is shown to the right.

In addition to the sports words, the names of some of the program's developers also appear in the puzzle. Among others, the names "Brett" and "Corey" appear vertically in the top right and top left corners, respectively. Though you won't get point for finding them, you will get a different message than the one reserved for selecting nonsense words.

Acrostic Puzzle[edit]

Acrostic puzzle solved

When the word search is finished, another puzzle will pop up. This puzzle will use the words found in the previous one. The goal of this puzzle is to form the term "Parlor Games" vertically in the lighter blue squares. To do this, click on a horizontal row, then click on the word that fits in that space and has the appropriate letter in the lighter blue space. This puzzle is the same on all difficulty levels. From top to bottom, the words are Spades, Hearts, Cribbage, Blackjack, Poker, Bridge, Backgammon, Tictactoe, Dominos, Checkers, Chess. The solution to the puzzle is shown on the right.

When this puzzle is solved, you will receive the red pieces necessary to get through the next door. Click on the door at the end of the hall to start the tangram puzzle.

Tangram puzzle[edit]

Tangram puzzle solved

The tangram puzzle consists of a large square board in the center and smaller red pieces on the side. The goal of this puzzle is to make the red pieces all fit into the center board. If put together correctly, they will spell out the password necessary to open the door. Once placed on the board, you can click on the swirl arrow button in the bottom right corner to turn your cursor into a swirl arrow. This arrow will rotate a piece when clicked. You can click and drag the pieces around the puzzle or back on their respective starting spots if they get in the way. When a piece is close enough to the correct position, it will snap into place. Some of the pieces have a thicker part on one side, which indicates an edge piece and will usually inform you which orientation is correct. When the password, "Enter", has been formed, the door will swing open, revealing the passageway into the next room.