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The instructions followed by a reference are the puzzles that grant "Detective points" and must be done in order to achieve perfect score at the end of the game.

Act I[edit]

Talk to Ethel and ask her about anything, especially about Rudy, to learn he is a gambler[1]

Go to the bathroom and notice Lillian putting on perfume. Look Lillian twice.[2][3]

Enter the secret passage behind the left armoire and spy at the Colonel's room to see that he has a secret affair with Fifi.[4][5]

In the left room, you can find the Colonel smoking in his room. Look at his cigar.[6][7]

You can also find Clarence in the parlor smoking. Look cigar[8]

Spy on Gertie's and Clarence's discussion in the Parlor.[9]

Enter the secret passage behind the clock and spy on Rudy's discussion with Gloria in the billiard's room.[10][11][12][13] Gloria then goes to the library and threatens Dr. Wilbur.

Things you can do since Act I at any time[edit]

While you are in the upstairs hallway, [14] pull both the left[15][16] and the right[17][18] cabinets to find secret passages and spy on people who won't talk when they see you.

In the downstairs hallway[19] find similar pasages behind the mirror[20][21] and the clock[22][23] in the downstairs hallway,

Go left to Henri's room and look at Wilbur's bag[24]

In the study room, look at the derringer[25] and the dagger in the upper left cabinet.[26].

In the parlor, look at the cognac decanter.[27]

In the carriage house get the crowbar and the oilcan.

In the Chapel, walk in front of the pulpit and you feel a loose floorboard, pry it open with the crowbar[28], to find a small secret compartment with a bible,[29] including a letter from Sarah Crouton's parents.

Open the icebox in the kitchen and take the piece of bone[30].

Act II[edit]

Visit Gertie's room upstairs and see her sleeping. Whenever you reenter the room, she will be missing. Outside, take handkerchief.

Exit the house and search around. Outside the billiards room you will find Gertrude's body.[31]

Outside the kitchen, give the bone to the dog. Now you can search inside the dog house and find the necklace.

Go to the cellar where Jeeves rests and take the crackers.[32]

Go to the parlor and feed a cracker to the parrot[33]

You can find Clarence and Wilbur talking outisde. When you spy on them, you will see that they are gamblers[34][35] and also that they are guilty for using the Colonel's money.[36][37]

Act III[edit]

At 9:00 enter the passage behind the left armoire and spy on the Colonel to discover that he can walk.[38]

Go to the parlor and feed a cracker to the parrot[33]

Go to the Doctor's room. Look at the bag to notice that it is missing.[24]

Go to the barn or the chapel and find the body of Dr. Wilbur.[39] Search his body to find and take his monocle.[40]

Examine handkerchief[41] with monocle.[42]

Go to the library and examine poker[43] with monocle[42] also read magazine to find another evidence that Wilbur is a gambler[34]

Go to Fifi's room and find that Rudy makes advances to her.[44] Notice that the cognac decanter is there.[27] Examine it[45] with monocle[42]

Go to Celie's shack. Knock the door and Give the necklace to Celie to befriend her[46]. Once inside take the carrot[47]

Go to the stable and give carrot to horse. You can then open gate to approach the lantern and get lantern.

At 9:45 the Colonel will be not in his room. Take the key hidden in the miniature cannon, with which you can operate his elevator (an acceptable command is "PUT KEY IN CONTROL") and go UP to the Attic. Although you can visit the Attic any time, it's important to do it right now, if you want full detective score[48]

Notice that the elevator can be accessed either from Henri's or from Doctor's room. It's not always here, but this changes randomly each time you enter the room.

Inside the trunk you can find: boots, insignia, gloves and cape. Inspect bots with monocle.

In one of the secret passages (eg. the right armoire) you find a cane.[7]

Having the cane, go to the bell, climb the ladder and use the oilcan to oil the bell.[49] Save the game, and stand in a safe location, pull the handle with the cane to drop the bell. You get the crank.

Back in the mansion, find the suit of armor and oil the visor[49] to find the valve handle and a note.

Go to the statue at the Hedge Garden, put handle on shaft, turn handle and push nymph to find the secret passage.[50]

Act IV[edit]

Go to the billiard room and examine broken record[51] with monocle[42] to find two fingerprints.

Go to the parlor and feed a cracker to the parrot[33]

Go to the gazebo or the well and find Gloria's body.[52]

In one of the passageways (eg. behind the mirror) you will find a cigar butt.[6] Ask the Colonel about it in order to discover that it's Henri's.[7][53]

Outside at the Colonel's statue, you find Clarence and Rudy have a fight.[54][55]

In the dining room you can find Jeeves and Fifi kissing.[5][56]

Act V[edit]

Go to Fifi's room and see her putting on perfume.[57]

Go to the parlor and feed a cracker to the parrot[33]

in one of the secret passageways (eg. behind the clock) you can detect Lillian's perfume.[3][2] (usually after you see Lillian and the Colonel)

Go to the rose garden or the carriage house and find Ethel's body[58]

Go to the SW screen (south of the carriage house) and Examine the mud bootprint[59] with monocle.[42] Get the rolling pin and examine it[60] with monocle[42]

Act VI[edit]

Go to the parlor and feed a cracker to the parrot[33]

Go to Fifi's bedroom and find Fifi and Jeeves' bodies.[61][62] Examine decanter with monocle to find two fingerprints.

Go to the bathroom and search the wastebasket. Inspect sleeping powder bottle[63] with monocle.[42]

In the study room, you can see that the dagger has changed location.[26]

Go to the parlor and inspect glass[64] with monocle[42]

If you go to the attic (eg. 11:45), you will notice that the boots in the trunk are missing.

Act VII[edit]

Go to the parlor and feed a cracker to the parrot[33]

At the study room look the derringer case to see it's missing.[25]

Go to your room, get Lillian's diary,[65] read it[66] and inspect it[67] with monocle[66]

Go to the bathroom or Wilbur's bedroom and find Clarence's body.[68] Search his body to find the box of matches[69] (accordng to some walkthroughs Laura will ignore it if you don't already have the lantern and find a dark place).

Go to the Hedge Garden and light lantern with matches. Then enter the basement. In the basement find and examine all the dead bodies.[70]. Find a metallic plate on the wall and use the crank to open a secret passage.[71]

In the tomb use crowbar[28] to open Ruby's vault. For fun, you can use the crowbar and open all vaults. Get the bag of jewels.[72]

In the dollhouse, look and talk to Lillian.[73]

Act VIII[edit]

Go to the parlor and feed a cracker to the parrot[33]

Go to Henri's room and look at Wilbur's opened bag.[24]

Go to the hedge and find Lillian's body[74]. Search her to take the skeleton key[75]. Also look at the derringer next to her and take it.[25]

You find Henri and Rudy struggling.[76][54]

Shoot Rudy.[73]


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