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The Colony
Box artwork for The Colony.
Developer(s)David Alan Smith
System(s)Mac OS, MS-DOS, Amiga
TwitchThe Colony Channel

The Colony is a first-person shooter developed by David Alan Smith. It was published by Mindscape.

The 1988 Macintosh release came in two versions, one in color and one with black-and-white graphics. The DOS version, released the same year, was available in black-and-white only. The 1990 Amiga version was in color.

Previous first-person perspective games of the era used precomputed views, such as The Sentinel, or fixed-perspective graphics, such as Phantom Slayer. The Colony was one of the first games of its kind to let the player move freely while rendering graphics in real time. It was also the first 3D game to let the player drive a vehicle.

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