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Spell LV 1[edit]

Name Effect Notes
Impetus Ardens
Somnium Dulcis
Tegumen Larualis
Visum Situs

Spell LV 2[edit]

Name Effect Notes
Armum Larualis
Heros Temporalis
Ventus Torvum

Spell LV 3[edit]

Name Effect Notes
Asta Attonita Lawful mages only.
Clustrum Magicum
Saltatus Ardens
Vestis Plumarius
Viso Vigilantis

Spell LV 4[edit]

Name Effect Notes
Aura Aevitatis Chaotic mages only.
Fulmen Celer
Lotus Puniceus Lawful mages only.
Somnium Intentus Chaotic mages only.
Vestis Velox