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The focus of Holy spells is healing and protecting the party. There are some exceptions like the offensive spell Holy Bolts. What spells are available to your Priest characters is slightly random. If a spell that is not in the manual is present in your list then a random spell that is normally available will become unavailable.

Spell LV 1[edit]

Name Effect Notes
Divine Armor Reduce the caster's AC by 4.
Healing Touch Restore one ally's HP slightly.
Heavenly Barrier Reduce all allies' AC by 1.
Holy Bolts Shoot Holy bolts to cause damage to one enemy.

Spell LV 2[edit]

Name Effect Notes
Devout Silence Seal the spells of an enemy group. This is not listed in the game manual.
Divine Shield Reduce one ally's AC by 5.
Reverent Silence Seal the spells of 1 enemy group.
Tranquility Cure one Ally's paralysis, sickness, and sleep.

Spell LV 3[edit]

Name Effect Notes
Divine Fortress Reduce all allies' AC by 4.
Healing Force Restore one ally's HP moderately.
Holy Asylum Increase all allies' spell resistance. Lawful Priests only.
Holy Bullets Deal damage to one enemy by hitting it with a volley of Holy energy.

Spell LV 4[edit]

Name Effect Notes
Absolution Cure 1 ally of poison.
Divine Touch Cure 1 ally of any status ailments except petrification or death. Chaotic priests only.
Holy Guardian Reduce all allies' AC by 3. This lasts until the dungeon is existed. There is a typo in the description. The effect will last until the dungeon is exited.
Holy Protection Reduce 1 ally's AC by 10.
Virtue Increase caster's Stat Points slightly.