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Button Control
W/S Move forward/backward
A\D Strafe left/right
E Jump
PC Mouse Left Click.png Use currently equipped item, spell or weapon.
PC Mouse Right Click.png Activate menu mode
Left Ctrl Sneak
Left Shift Run
Caps Lock Toggle between always running and always walking.
] Next weapon
[ Previous weapon
= Next Spell
- Previous Spell
Space Activate, open, interact, talk
F Ready weapon
R Ready magic
Tab Toggle between first person and third person views.
J Open your journal
T Rest
F1 Quick key menu
Quick keys (1-10)
F5 Quick Save
F9 Quick Load
ESC Pauses the game and displays system menus.
PrtScn Takes a screenshot. You must edit the Morrowind.ini file so that the line "Screen Shot Enable = 0" has a 1 instead of a 0.