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Bone Lords[edit]

Cliff Racers[edit]

Cliff Racers are everywhere throughout the game of Morrowind. They look like smaller versions of the pterodactyl dinosaur and their screech is very distinct. If you see a Cliff Racer, BEWARE: More Cliff Racers are probably nearby. Bows are very effective against it seeing as the Racer takes time to swoop down and attack.




Guards are not as much an enemy as an ally. It just depends on who throws the first punch. Guards are very powerful, but not invincible. So, when fighting one, DO NOT underestimate him, seeing as they are tough to defeat. Guards have many different varieties, including Imperials, who wear heavy armor made of steel. Dark Elves wear medium-weight,bonemold armor. Those are the two most commonly found Guard races.


Built like a biped Triceratops, they are strong and fairly dangerous (early in the game). With some strength development, a Battle Axe can work great. You get a Kagouti Hide from the corpse.


These are a strange insect race that create large burrows inside mountains. Humanoids use them to harvest their eggs, which is a major agricultural trade across Morrowind. Such places where gathering occurs are called eggmines. There are five types of Kwama: Foragers, Queens, Scribs, Warriors, and Workers.


Foragers are small, aggressive worm-like creatures. They are very weak, but will attempt to kill anything on sight. They "scout the surface of the land and natural underground passages, searching for suitable locations for new colonies, and hunting for prey."


"The kwama queen is the huge, bloated kwama that produces the nest's eggs. They are too large and fat to move, and all their needs are attended by worker kwama."


"The scrib is a late larval form of the kwama" These creatures are not aggressive unless attacked. Scribs are creatures that are no more powerful than foragers. They have a special noxious gas that can temporarily paralyze you. The scrib drops Scrib Jelly.


Large, humanoid Kwama, the warriors are extremely dangerous in packs. Be careful, they won't hesitate to kill intruders. "The kwama warrior defends the kwama colony's tunnels and chambers."


"The kwama worker digs the colony's tunnels and chambers and tends the queen and the eggs." Unaggressive creatures, the workers will attend to their business until threatened.



Easily recognized by their floating teal body bulb and four dangling tentacles, once attacked, Betties will fight back, far more aggressive than Bull Netches, but manageable (Battle Axe works great). One or two Netch Hides from the corpse.


Bull Netches float above the ground, noted for large bodies and hanging tentacles. Fairly easy kills (at least, with a Battle Axe), they will try to injure you with magic if you take a swipe, but they're very weak. You can get a Netch Hide or two from the corpse.


Nix Hounds may seem like lesser enemies in the game to the lower levels, but in packs they are a very dangerous foe. Nix Hounds can be blighted and diseased like any other creature in the game, making them even more dangerous. Also, It is not recommended to try to run away from a Nix Hound unless you have a sufficient speed level because of the fact that they are moderately fast.


Rats are widely considered nuisances to the game of Morrowind. They contribute to the game by being low level enemies that beginners can train on. Of course, beware of rats that are diseased or blighted, seeing as if they get a chance to infect you, they will, and it results in attribute draining and other great inconveniences. Otherwise, Rats are just over-sized rodents that like attacking the nearest pilgrim.


Sphere Centurions[edit]