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Rescue From Kagouti[edit]

  • Objectives: reunite the two friends.
  • Methods of Completion: stealth or brute force.

North west of Arvel Plantation, along the northern banks of the water you'll find a man standing in the middle of a small open area, on the side of the path towards the mountains. This Dunmer is a great fan of the Kagouti, however the ones nearby have separated him from his friend.

You must either kill the Kagouti (probably the easy way, depending on your level) or sneak by them with the Dunmer in tow to complete the task. Since Kagouti are pretty easy, just take out the two Mating Kagouti's up on the hillside just west of his position. Afterwards, return to the Dunmer and talk to him; he'll follow you to his friend.

Follow the path past the shack and you'll see his friend standing there; wait for the Dunmer to reach him and your journal will be updated when he's close enough. Talk to his friend to receive an Amulet of Slow Falling.