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Name Weight Buy Value Sell Value Charge Usage Where To Find
Engraved Ring of Healing 0.1 N/A 30 20 Restore 1-5 HP on self. Receive from quest in Seyda Neen.
Ring of Surroundings 0.1 N/A 12,000 190 Chameleon 20-30% for 30 seconds on self. Emperor's gift after taking out the large group of Morag Tong in Balmora. Receive from Captain in Fort Monmar.
Shadowmask Ring 0.1 N/A 219 140 Chameleon 40-70% for 10 seconds on self. Vivec Fighter's Guild. Go to the room with all the bunk beds and check all of the unlocked chests (remember to close the door to be safe!).