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Seyda Neen is the first town you will arrive in at the start of the game, and is also where your character is created. It is a small port town located south of Balmora, with the guards clad in imperial armour.

Places of Interest[edit]

Place Name Location/Description
Arrille's Tradehouse The only location containing a merchant in Seyda Neen, it is the two storey building northwest of the Census and Excise office.
Census and Excise Warehouse Opposite the Census and Excise Office, the key for this warehouse can be stolen from a shelf in the second building of the office. It contains various items, and Adraria Vandacia, who can train you.


Name Location Information
Fargoth Wandering around Seyda Neen, usually near the Census and Excise Office. A male bosmer/wood elf who's ring has been taken by the imperials.
Sellus Gravius Inside the second building of the Census and Excise office A male Imperial who gives you your first quest.