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The Thieves' Guild quests are mostly consisting of stealing specific items from targets. Many of them require you to avoid detections or if you do get detected run away. Remember you will be expelled from the guild if you kill someone you're supposed to rob. We're thieves not muggers.

May the best thief win[edit]

Upon talking to Armand at midnight he'll say that he's surprised to have 3 recruits at once (there is a Wood Elf and a Argonian are with you as well also trying to join the thieves guild.) He decides to make it a contest and sends all three competitors off to steal Amantius Alectus's diary. He also tells you that you can't kill the other thieves so all you blood thirsty people be warned.

Now you probably have no idea where this guy lives go walk a few feet and you should see the beggar sleeping on a blanket outside. Wake him up and if your buddies with him already (you should be since it's how you join the guild) he'll tell you exactly where your target is and put it on your map.

Method 1

Now you could just try to beat the wood elf there, but there is a much easier way. At 2:00 A.M. you should get a message saying she already found it. Find Methrdhel's house in the waterfront district, break into he house. Directly to the left when you open the door is her chest. Open it and take the book.

Method 2

For all of you wood elves and people with high speeds it is possible to beat Methrdhel to the book. However, if you want to do this the you need to make sure that you are faster than her. If you can outrun her, then just follow her to the house. Make sure not to fast travel as you are running behind her. Once inside (Save) and look on the first floor for the book. It is in a lectern, the quest arrow will point directly to it. Sometimes the guards may put a bounty on your head, just pay it off or go to jail, you will still have to book afterwards.

Method 3

If you are really lazy then just let Methrdhel win, then talk to Armand again and get the other quest

Freelance Work[edit]

Now before Armand will give you the second quest you need to sell some ill-gotten goods to a guild member. Now that you're a member of the thieves guild you can sell all that stolen property thus stealing from people actually means something. All quests from here on out will require some kind of money requirement. Example: Before you're assigned the second quest you must have sold 50 gold worth of stolen goods. Robbing either the imperial bookstore, jewellery store, and/or the witch-hunters house may yield good money.

Untaxing the Poor[edit]

Well it appears the dastardly Lex has taxed the dead broke people of the waterfront and we can't have that so we'll just have to pull a Robin Hood on him now won't we?

" Armand of the Thieves Guild has asked me to recover the tax records and taxes collected by the Imperial Watch. They are being held by an over-zealous Captain called Hieronymus Lex in the South Watchtower."

Lex's quarters are in the South Tower (you can get there from the temple district) this mission is a bit odd in that you're going to break into a building where there are always at least 10 guards, but somehow it still works. If you choose to break in during the day then the door is unlocked and no one on the first floor cares about you so proceed to the ladder and go up.

The second and third floors are full of cots that have soldiers sleeping most of the time. If you quickly look around you can find the steps going to the next floor before the guards wake up. The ladder to Lex's room is locked so you'll want to bring some picks on this mission even if you go during the day. Once you're in Lex's room steal anything you want, the tax record and money is in the locked desk (53 gold?!? you might as well beat up a hobo and take his cup of quarters) so now you can leave through the trapdoors leading downward.

" I found the tax records. Now to get them back to Armand in the Waterfront district."

Meet Armand's at midnight and give back the tax records, he even says that you can keep the money (the beggar doesn't want his cup of quarters back?) as well as give you another 100 gold.

The Elven Maiden[edit]

After fencing another 100 gold the elven maiden quest become available. Talk to Armand like you normally would and he will give you the quest.

" Armand of the Thieves Guild has asked me to steal the bust of Llathasa Indarys from Cheydinhal. They will pay 100 gold coins."

In Cheyindal's chapel there is a bust of lathasas in the undercroft that you need to retrieve. Fast-travel to Cheyindal and talk to the beggars, they will give you all of the valuable information.

"I learned that the bust of Llathasa Indarys is in her tomb. She is buried in the chapel undercroft of the Temple of Arkay in Cheydinhal."

After entering the chapel, sneak down to the undercroft area and pick the lock on the door. Make sure that no one can see you.

In the undercroft there is one patrolling guard, she walks balk and forth between the two sides of the undercroft. When she is on the other side sneak in and grab the bust. At this point you should quickly sneak back, hiding behind a pillar if you aren't that fast so you don't get noticed. If you are pursued don't let them catch you or you will lose the bust.

"I have the bust. Now to get back to Armand."

Go back to the water-front district and you will find that it is crawling with Imperial legion soldiers all looking for Armand Christophe. Something smells fishy and it's not the Wharf.

" The Waterfront if crawling with Imperial Watch. They are all looking for Armand Christophe. I'm sure he won't show at midnight. Dareloth's Garden is too hot. I'll need to find out where he is hiding. Maybe one of the other Thieves Guild members knows. I'll have to start asking around for them."

You could simply wait (literally) until someone finds you or you could go about actively searching, just talk to people in the waterfront. Make sure to try Methrdhel's house as well. If you can't find anyone then just wait for 24 hours at a time, eventually, someone will find you.

When Methrdhel finds you, she will tell you that Armand has been set up, and that no one ever wanted the bust stolen. There is a mole in the thieves guild, and now you need to set them up.

" Methredhel contacted me. She says that this whole job was just a setup to flush out the informant, a Dark Elf named Myvryna Arano. They didn't see fit to let me in on the plan though. She has specific instructions from Armand to plant the bust in Myvryna's cupboard. Then I have to find Hieronymus Lex and snitch on her."

Break into Myvryna's house after dark, make sure no guards see you, and follow the green arrow. you will get a message that says:

"The bust is in Myvryna's cupboard. Now to tell that windbag Lex where to find it."

Now you need to go talk to Lex. His disposition towards you needs to be fairly high. Once it is tell him that the bust is in Myvryna's cupboard. He will ask you to follow him, once you are in the house, Lex will search the cupboard and find the bust.

"Hieronymus Lex found the bust I planted. Now all I have to do is report to Armand. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until the next midnight for him to return to the Garden of Dareloth."

There will be a small argument, but you don't have to watch it. Just go back to the garden and wait until midnight. If he is not there, explore the surrounding area.