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Through A Nightmare, Darkly[edit]

You will probably stumble across this quest while doing the Bravil Mages Guild Recommendation. If not, you will have to look there to find Kud-Ei, ask her about Henatier and she will give you a quest. Talk to her again when you are ready to begin and she will have you follow her. Kud-Ei brings you to Henatier's bedside. Talk to her about Dreamworld. She'll give you a Dreamworld Amulet when you are ready to begin. Equip it and take a nap in the spare bed, it doesn't matter how long you decide to nap for. You'll wake up in Henantier's Dreamworld. Talk to him, he is in a panic, and begin your search for the exit.

Test of Perception[edit]

You will come across some containers along the path, they are not traps. Take any potions you find in them. Be careful not to take damage on this part, you'll thank yourself later in this quest.

To the south of Henantier is a door called Test of Perception. upon activating it you'll be warped into another realm. Beside you is a container with a torch you will need to grab. It is recommended that you set it to a Hotkey and unequip it when you have no need for light. Begin to go northeast to a slab of concrete, it actually forms a path, follow it. It leads to a circular platform with the middle carved out, while giant blades swing back and forth beside you. wait for your time to move, and slowly make your way past all the blades to the other side of the platform. Follow the path now, careful of the trigger hiding in the darkness.

go west past the crystals being careful of the falling debris. You will find yourself on another platform once you are through there. Follow the path west, there will be triggers on the ground when you begin heading south all the way to the end of this path, so be careful. Walk up to the pedestal in front of you and take the Element of Perception on its top.

Test of Courage[edit]

Head down stairs and try to go out the front door called Test of Courage. Open the container by your side and take the Water Breathing Potion from it. Now go down the path and jump in the water. Begin your descent down to the bottom of the water. when your breath is about to run out, use the potion. At the bottom you will find a second container which has another water Breathing Potion inside.

There will be an opening to the west of there which will become more and more darker as you go in. Continue down until you see a door called Grotto of Courage. Inside the Grotto head west to the pedestal and remove the Element of Courage from atop. You will be warped back to the house with Henantier.

Test of Resolve[edit]

Go back downstairs, and enter the doorway to the north called Test of Resolve. Beside you is another container, this containing a staff, blunt and blade weapon along with Heavy and Light Armor, take it all as you will likely need more than one weapon. you'll notice this are is very similar to The Arena. You'll will be pitted against 2 monsters, probably Minotaur, based off of your level.

First, equip the armor that you are more skilled in, and the Staff. Staff does not have a skill level, therefore you will get maximum damage out of it. If your acrobatics is high enough, you may be able to jump to the top of one of the pillars along the wall, the ones that divide the spiked fences. From there, begin your attack with the staff, you should be out of their reaches. this will allow you to dispose of one of them while taking little to no damage. After the Staffs enchantment runs out, use the weapon you are best with and finish off the last enemy. If you cannot reach the top of the pillar, just run backwards and try the best you can to hit them with the enchantment. Once you killed them both, a set of stairs to the south will rise from the ground and at the top is a pedestal, remove the Element of Resolve.

Test of Patience[edit]

Below is a colored guide through the pillars, in case you are having trouble finding the correct path.

Enter the door in the northeast corner on the upstairs called Test of Patience. Inside, open the container in front of you and take out the Mysterious Scroll. Go north to the pillars in front of you. Looking at the scroll now, you'll notice the first image has as many characters length and width, as there are tiles on the floor in front of you. There is a specific character that connects from the top to the bottom of the image, those are the tiles to walk on. Be careful, stepping on the wrong tiles will prove deadly.

Once through the first set of pillars, follow the path northeast to the second set of pillars, again after finding the entrance, open your scroll, and inspect the second image on it. Follow the same characters to get to the other side of these pillars.

Now move onto the last set, Open up your scroll and inspect that last image. Follow the same characters through to the other side. Once you are through the last set of pillars, head east to the pedestal and remove the Element of Patience on top.

Puzzle #1 Puzzle #2 Puzzle #3
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Fulfill the Dream[edit]

After you have collected all four elements, talk to Henantier. He will suddenly recall what is going on and tell you to talk to him when he wakes up. Out of the Dreamworld, talk to Henantier and he will reward you for your help with some scrolls, concluding the quest. Also remember to re-equip your armour and redo the weapon/armour hotkeys as they will be removed because the game has to remove your weapons in the Dreamworld. Spells are not affected as it silences you.

Caught in the Hunt[edit]

Asking around town about the rumors will begin this quest, or you can flag it by talking to Ursanna Loche directly. Ask her about Aleron Loche. Follow your marker to Kurdan Gro-Dragol. Raise your disposition with him, and ask of Aleron Loche. Talk to Kurdan Gro-Dragol again once you're ready to begin looking for his family heirloom.

He'll setup the boat, follow your marker to it. activate it and you'll be brought to a tiny island where Fort Grief is located. Walk up to the front gate, on the ground to your right is the gate control. After its open, go in and talk to Aleron, he'll tell you how he was fooled too. Your only way off this island now is to kill the hunters in side Fort Grief, or you can pickpocket their keys if stealth is your cup of tea.

The Hunters become the hunted. Inside the fort follow the path southeast to the first hunter, Kurdan's Imperial Hunter, do your thing to get the key off him. Follow the path to your next target, Kurdan's Nord Hunter, retrieve his key and advance onto the last hunter.

Follow your red marker to The Hunter's Abyss. Inside, track down the last hunter, Kurdan's Orc Hunter. After you obtain his key head back outside. When you exit Fort Grief, you will be stuck in a cutscene where Kurdan kills Aleron, there is nothinig you could do for some odd reason.. Go talk to Kurdan, and after heated words are exchanged, kill him and loot his corpse to retrieve the real key. Kurdan may be assisted by an archer, who is on the upper level outside. You must talk to Kurdan before you kill him or you won't be able to continue, if this happens, load a previous save.

Once you're safe, go back into Fort Grief and unlock the gate on the northeast wall. Only the key you got from Kurdan, will open this gate. Inside is a Gate Switch, that unlocks the one that closed behind you to begin with. Get outside and back on your boat to Bravil. Go talk to Ursanne, she'll reward you and complete the quest.

Find a way to the top of the tower outside and you will find a chest lock level either hard or very hard inside you will find a suspicious drink i am sorry 2 say i can not figure out the quest attached to this drink.

The Forlorn Watchman[edit]

Asking the townsfolk about rumors will lead to this quest, they have to mention The Forlorn Watchman. Once it is listed as an option in conversations, you may begin. Anyone will tell you about the subject, and point you in Gilgondorin, who runs Silverhome on the Water.

once you locate Gilgondorin, ask about The Forlorn Watchman. He knows exactly when and where to see it and he takes your map and marks it. Follow that marker to Bawnwatch Camp and when you get there wait until before or just after 8:00pm. The ghost will ignore you when it appears and at about 8:17pm he will begin his walk, follow it.

He will head to a spot on the shore overlooking the Niben Bay, just past Fort Irony. Walk up to it and he will begin to talk with you. Go back and talk to Gilgondorin and he'll mark your map for you. Fast travel to Fort Irony and head across the bay to the Mouth of the Panther. You will find a ship wreck there.

To enter the ship, look along the haul, there is a big hole you can climb in. You will be confronted by a wraith when you make it in, updating you quest journal as you defeat it. look for a closed door on this floor, leading to someone's bedchamber. on the table is a Log of the Emma May. Read it to get the quest updated. Exit this room and head east and look for a hatch on the floor.

There will be more ghosts in here. After you neutralize the threat head west and search for another hatch on the floor. Gable the Traitor will be waiting for you down here. Kill it and take the key of its dead remains. Open the door to the cell in front of you where the skeleton is in shackles, walk up to it and unlock them as well.

Grantham Blakeley will appear in front of you. Talk to him and he will leave you a treasure map on the floor. after inspecting the map, it will update your map with a new quest marker. Make your way to the treasure to finish the quest.

  • Note: There is a Nirnroot beside the stairs on the dock next to the treasure.