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About Daedric Quests[edit]

You can start daedric shrine quests once you reach the required level. In addition you will need to bring an offering or complete some other requirement to start it.


Level Requirement - 2

Once Azura's Shrine has been marked on your map, begin to travel there. First things first, you will need to obtain Glow Dust from a Will-o-the-Wisp or grab the supply the Bruma Mages Guild has in their basement or purchase from a various alchemy merchants. Will-o-the-Wisps can be found in the region north of the Azura's Shrine. Having an immunity to Physical damage will help, your only chance of defeating one is with magic, or a silver, enchanted or daedric weapon. Try and stay back as it will leech health from you if you get near. Once obtained you must offer the Glow Dust between 5am and 7am or 5pm and 7pm.

After offering your Glow Dust to Azura, she'll send you to a nearby cave. She says that there are five worshippers of hers there who are now vampires. She wants you to give them the release of death. Grant her wish and head over and kill the five vampires in the cave. The enemies are fairly hard to beat if you are level 2, sneak and use the bow for the first one, retreat and use flare and/or your sword, try and keep out of his reach and after about 3 hits without blocking, you will probably die. After you kill him, move on to the next two, for one you should be able to kill in 1 shot with a bow while sneaking. If the orc hasn't heard, stealth attack her with the bow and use the strategy mentioned above for the first enemy. You will see a rock wall that is sealed, next to it there is a rope, pull it to open up the area with the final two vampires, the robed one can be killed in one shot again, the orc is a lot more difficult, you could use the same strategy with him or you could get in the far corner of the room (you can get through the bars and shoot him with the bow or a spell.

Once complete, head back to Azura's Shrine for your reward, Azura's Star, a reusable Grand Soul Gem.

  • Azura's Star can be reused for both recharging and enchanting items.


Level Requirement - 20

  • Boethia's Shrine is located southeast of Cheydinhal
  • Take a Daedra Heart for the offering

The quest involves going to a plane of oblivion and fighting 10 consecutive matches in there and winning them all. You should make sure you have Feather potions or spells, as you'll find A LOT of loot on these guys. The Archers are carrying a crap load of magic arrows, and a lot of healing potions. You get the enchanted Katana called Goldbrand, with a 22pt fire damage enchantment. It has a high base attack power (30 when repaired to 125%), and around 70 uses. Very Nice.

Clavicus Vile[edit]

Level Requirement - 20

  • Clavicus Vile's Shrine is located Southwest of the Imperial City, in the West Weald
  • Take 500 gold for the offering

Clavicus Vile tells you to ask about Umbra at Pell's Gate, which is South of the Imperial City and East of the shrine. When you arrive there, ask Irroke the Wide about Umbra, and he will direct you to the Ayleid ruin Vindasel, which is West of Pell's Gate.

When you find Umbra in Vindasel, she will give you the option of fighting or leaving. If you choose to leave, the quest is completed. If you choose to fight, Umbra will attack you and you must defeat her to obtain the sword Umbra. When you get the sword Umbra, return to Clavicus Vile's Shrine. There you will be given the option of giving Clavicus Vile the sword or keeping it for yourself. If you give up the sword, Clavicus Vile will give you the Masque of Clavicus Vile in return.


  • Fame +1
  • No reward if you left Umbra alone
  • Masque of Clavicus Vile (Heavy Armor Helm, +20 Personality), if you give Umbra to Clavicus Vile
  • Umbra (1H Sword, Soul Trap 120 seconds), if you keep the Umbra for yourself

Hermaeus Mora*[edit]

Level Requirement - 20 You do not need an offering for this, just talk to him, you need the souls of each of the 10 races. You must kill the people to get their souls so this is hard if you do not want to commit murder. You can usually tell the type of enemies from who or what is outside, so if you see bandits outside, go in. Camps are also a good place to go.


Level Requirement - 17

  • Hircine's Shrine is located north of Bravil and northeast of The Inn of Ill Omen which you visit during the first Dark Brotherhood quest.
  • Take a Bear Pelt or a Wolf Pelt for the offering

Hircine tells you to go to the Harcane Grove and kill the Unicorn that resides there. The Harcane Grove is South-Southeast of Hircine's Shrine. When you arrive at Harcane Grove, you will find the Unicorn and three leveled Minotaurs of the Grove guarding it. The Minotaurs do not have to be killed but killing them first makes fighting the Unicorn easier. Once you have defeated the Unicorn, collect its Unicorn Horn and return to Hircine's Shrine.


  • Fame +1
  • Saviour's Hide (Light Armor Cuirass, Resist Magic 25%)


Malacath's shrine is North of Anvil in the wilderness
Malacath's shrine is North of Anvil in the wilderness

Level Requirement - 10

  • Malacath's Shrine is located north of Anvil.
  • Take Troll Fat for the offering.
  • Some Ogres are being forced into slave labor by a wealthy land owner. Malacath is upset by this and sends you to free them of their capture. First you are sent to speak to the owner of the estate, Lord Drad, to get the location of the cave (which you can bypass by simply heading to the eastern side of the property and picking the lock.) The cave contains 6 guards who can put up quite a fight due to the fact that the cave is small which forces you into fighting 2 or more at once. They are all heavily armored and carry two handed blunt weapons so ranged attackers and stealth fighters should be very careful when entering. For completion you get a two handed blunt weapon with paralyze and drain health enchantments.


Level Requirement - 15

  • Mephala's Shrine is located
  • Take Nightshade for the offering between midnight and dusk


Level Requirement - 10

  • Meridia's Shrine is located west of Skingrad
  • Take bonemeal, mort flesh, or ectoplasm for the offering
  • After the offering, you must go to Howling Cave and rid it of Necromancers
  • You get the Ring of Khajiiti with Fortify Speed (+10) and Chameleon (35%) effects.

Molag Bal[edit]

Level Requirement - 17

  • Molag Bal's Shrine is located
  • Take a Lion Pelt for the offering

When you give the offering, Molag Bal will give you the Mace of Corruption and tell you to give it to an old man that lives due northwest of a town called Brindle Home and to let him kill you. To do this, head towards his house and talk to him. He tells you his little story and the fact he goes to his wife's grave to mourn over her. Place the Mace of Corruption upon his wife's grave and hit him with your fist. If your hand-to-hand skill is too high, use a very mild spell or very weak weapon of choice. He gets angry and picks up the mace and starts attacking you, do not attack him back, for he is fragile for an NPC. This takes some patience, since the Mace is fairly weak. After he finally manages to bring you to 1% of your total health, Molag immediately transports you to his shrine and awards you with the Mace of Molag Bal.


Level Requirement - 5

  • Namira's Shrine is located
  • You need to have a low personality for this quest to start, drink some cheap wine, or wear some clothing or have a weapon which lowers personality. If you are in the mages guild and are an orc, you can make the spell, otherwise, you have to have finished Repairing the Orrery or Knights of the Nine and you will be able to make the spell.
  • You have to cast a spell on 5 Priests of Arkay so the forgotten ones can kill them.
  • You get the ring of Namira as a reward, it has a reflect damage (12%) and reflect spell (10%) effect


Sheogorath's shrine is off the road north and west of Leyawiin. Likewise Nocturnal is off the road east of Leyawiin
Sheogorath's shrine is off the road north and west of Leyawiin. Likewise Nocturnal is off the road east of Leyawiin

Level Requirement - 10

  • Nocturnal's Shrine is located
  • No offering required
  • Reward is a skeleton key which is a lockpick that will not break and +40 to your lockpicking skill


Level Requirement - 10

  • Peryite's Shrine is located on the Silverfish River north-east of Bravil
    • No offering is required for this daedric quest
    • Peryite's followers will all be unconscious at Peryite's Shrine
    • Speak to Peryite by activating the shrine to find out why
    • There is a lot of fighting in this quest so come prepared (be ready to sneak around or kill about 30 or more enemies in oblivion)
    • Rewarded with the SPELL BREAKER shield (heavy armor, reflect spell 30% on self)


Level Requirement - 8

  • Sanguine's Shrine is located
  • Take Cyrodillic Brandy for the offering. Cyrodillic Brandy can be found at The Main Ingredient in the Imperial Market District, or you can steal it from the Gilded Carafe (It's right in front of the door, you can't miss it.)

For this quest, Sanguine gives you a spell called "Stark Reality", which he wants you to cast in the Countess's dinner party.

You have to get into the countess's dinner party and cast the spell on the guests causing a lot of chaos, the quest is fairly short but can involve a lot of running from guards.

When you are in Leyawiin Castle you should should charm the guard so he has a high disposition to you then ask to go into the party (A high fame and some good clothes ma help). When he lets you in, you have 3 choices as he spell counts as an assault, you can charm the guard so he will pay the fine, you can try and run with invisibility or chameleon or you could go to jail (You lose your money when you cast the spell). You should save in case anything goes wrong.

When you cast the spell everyone will lose their clothes including you, you have to hit all 5 guests so position yourself in a good place then cast the spell. If you are planning to run, you might want to drop some invisibility gear on the ground or in a cupboard so you can use it as that gear will not be affected. After you get away, go back to Sanguine's shrine for Sanguine rose which summons a random Daedra ally for 20 seconds, there will also be a chest with all your lost items in it.


Sheogorath's shrine is off the road north and west of Leyawiin. Likewise Nocturnal is off the road east of Leyawiin
Sheogorath's shrine is off the road north and west of Leyawiin. Likewise Nocturnal is off the road east of Leyawiin

Level Requirement - 2

  • Sheogorath's Shrine is south of the "B" of Bravil and slightly to the west of the road. It's about halfway between Bravil and Leyawiin.
  • The offering required is a Lesser soul gem, a head of lettuce, and a roll of yarn.

Apparently this guy is the daedric god of practical jokes that go too far.

He sends you to a small Khajiit village farther south (but still north of Leyawiin) where he says they are very superstitious. Head down there and talk to the shaman (guy in the black robe) he'll tell you about a prophecy of the end of the world marked with 3 signs. The first sign is an invasion of rats, the second sign is the sheep dying for no reason, and he won't tell you the third reason (Don't worry Sheogorath takes care of it.) For the first sign talk to the shaman again. He'll mention that the innkeeper has a collection of cheese. Head in and talk to her and she'll mention that cooking it would attract rats for miles. So at night nab yourself some cheese. If you're good at lockpicking then you can open the case (open the case with only a single piece of cheese the other case is useless.) Take the cheese and drop it in the cooking pot outside. Wait until the next day so you can set up the next sign.

The next day the town shaman runs outside panicking throwing rat poison on the ground. Grab some up and go to the sheep pen. There is a trough with three buckets inside drop in some rat poison and wait about four hours. Walk to the center of town and watch Sheogorath rain flaming wolves from the sky (that's the third sign? That's a screwed up prophecy right there.) Head back to the shrine for your reward.

  • The reward is a staff that will transform any monster to a random different monster.
    • This is one of the best weapons in the game. Giving the chance it could turn a Ogre into a harmless sheep, you would be wise to carry it around.


Level Requirement - 5

  • Vaermina's Shrine is located
  • Create a black soul gem as the offering. It's one of the hardest offerings to get among all the Daedric quests. go to Dark Fissure (Keep walking east from Vaermina's shrine and you'll eventually see it). There is an altar in front of the cave. At night, once per week, a light will shine onto the altar between 8pm-12am. When it happens, put an empty grand soul gem into the altar and cast soul trap on it. Voila! Your black soul gem is created.
  • Reward: Staff of corruption. It creates a clone of anything it hits.

The quest involves retrieving an orb from Arkved in Arkved's tower. When you find Arkved, at the end of a long dungeon crawl, he is permanently unconscious. You can take advantage of this to gain levels in sneak by walking backwards and forwards in sneak mode across his prone body or just autowalking in sneak mode and leaving the game for a bit (make sure you don't move), or you can straight out kill him and end his misery.